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.new coffee table book preview.

Well…Dana is the lucky winner of the free coffee table book! I have changed my coffee table books up a bit and I cannot wait for this new one to come in. It has a custom-designed cover with handcrafted pages and completely personalized to fit your photos. Here are a few spreads of the pages from Dana’s book…Enjoy!





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.new textures.

I recently got some new textures to use when processing photos and I thought I’d share the compositions with you. They are very subtle but I think they add character to a photo. However, textures don’t work on every picture…so I’ll be using them only on ones where the texture is artistically appropriate. I can’t wait to use them on the weddings & bridals coming up. Anyway…here are a few that I worked on last weekend.






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new year…new blog…new website

Well, it’s a new year…so I decided to get a new blog that will show off my clients photos much beter AND my awesome husband is working on designing my fabulous new website. I’m so looking forward to the weddings I have booked so stay tuned…

Happy New Year!!!

 See how much  bigger & better the photos look!!


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